Tel Aviv - Look I, Shala

In the Fall of 2016 I had the absolute pleasure of traveling across the world to the beautiful country of Israel. While I was there I was completely inspired by the beauty and peace that surrounded me and designed an entire collection based off my experiences and the fabrics I found.

I decided to name this collection after the city of Tel Aviv because of its meaning and history. "Tel" means a manmade hill or mound but not in the way you may think. The city is basically a giant hill which has been created over thousands of years by layers and layers of civilization. The land has been fought over for thousands of years and after each battle, the city was conquered and a new city was built right on top of the ruins! So I took this concept of layering and applied it to my collection. Each dress has multiple layers of different fabrics that when used together, create something entirely new and unique!

"Aviv" means "spring" as in a natural water source which for early civilization, meant life! Cities were completely dependent on a great water source. Because Tel Aviv was built right on the natural spring fed by the Medderterian Sea, the city has an almost infinite supply of water which gave the city life and prosperity. I wanted each dress to embody that spirit of life with the designs, colors, movement and overall feeling of the collection!

In my opinion, Israel is a country of contrast! Old world meets new world. Cities like Jerusalem and the City of David look like a step back in time as they have made significant effort the preserve the history of the land. While other cities such as Tel Aviv look just as modern (if not more modern) than any city in the U.S. Each dress is this collection was designed to showcase the "Old world meets new world" concept.

-Sonni Jackson


Look I - Shala

Meaning "Peaceful" in Hebrew. We chose this name because of the simplicity and lightness of the fabrics and design. Also, the beautiful young lady that introduced us to the lace was named Shalamit!

Shala is a classic sheath silhouette with a wide boat-neckline. The body and arms are covered in a delicate Chantilly lace that has a bold and intricate design. The skirt is made of a soft English tulle with striping through it. A dramatic cathedral veil was paired with with dress. The cotton tulle is draped from one side of the head to the other to create a beautiful texture that falls effortlessly to the floor.

Thank you to all the awesome vendors involved!!!

Photography - Picturesque Photos by Amanda

Decor design & coordination - EB2 Events

Venue - Spain Ranch

Hair - Ash Franke Styles

Makeup - Atherial

Florals - TK Weddings & Decor

Engagement Rings - J David Jewelry

Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces - Kendra Scott