Look VI - Keren

Look VI - Keren

Keren is our finale and means "ray of sunshine" in Hebrew! The design was inspired by our day spent on the beach of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a sea like no other! It gets its name due to the fact that nothing can live it its water (not even bacteria) because it is almost 40% mineral and only 60% water! This creates a beautiful shimmer effect over the water and the beach is filled with these amazing salt crystals.

Keren is a striking mermaid silhouette with a bold Guipure lace covering the body. The lace was hand-dyed to mimic the color of the warm sunlight at the beach. The bodice is a classic high-neckline and an open back. The skirt is layers and layers of a crisp taffeta and shimmering crystal organza. The movement of the skirt is stunning and when the crystal organza hits the light, its just like the moving water of the sea!

Photography - Picturesque Photos by Amanda

Decor design & coordination - EB2 Events

Venue - Spain Ranch

Hair - Ash Franke Styles

Makeup - Atherial

Florals - TK Weddings & Decor

Engagement Rings - J David Jewelry

Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces - Kendra Scott