Luci's Couture Experience

Where to even begin with Luci... Luci's journey began April, 2014 when the love of her life, Evan, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. And of course, she said "yes!" From there she quickly began planning her dream wedding day. She had some awesome plans and knew she needed to get start quickly on her dream dress!

Luci approached me shortly after Even proposed and said she had a really unique vision for her dress. And unique it was!! In our first meeting we bonded immediately over our love for Harry Potter. And when she expressed her desire to have her wedding dress inspired by one of the characters in the series, Fleur Delacour, I became ecstatic!

After we had the design sketched and the fabrics picked out, we wasted no time getting started on the construction. Our team quickly started patterning, cutting fabrics, cutting appliqués and sewing together all the many pieces. In the spirit of Luci's inspiration the team had a Harry Potter movie marathon while working on her dress! Which was also a nice distraction because it took our team over 200 hours to complete this one-of-a-kind gown! But the finished result was worth every hour spent!!! 

Lets start with the neckline of her dress. Her dress has an illusion neckline and a sweetheart lace overlay. One super special detail in the neckline is the word "Always" that was hand beaded on the top right side. "Always" is a significant word the in Harry Potter series, as well as between Luci and Evan.

The body of the dress is covered with a hand-dyed violet lace that sparkles with any movement. The lace creates a beautiful dropped waist silhouette and then fades away into the skirt. The skirt is 60 yards brilliant white organza. That's right, 60 yards!!!

Her look was completed with a matching lace hairpiece, veil, fur bolero, and of course, a wand!

We enjoyed every minute working with Luci and wish we could do it all over again! Thank you Luci for allowing us to create your unique vision!