Finding your fabric...

Having the right fabric is crucial when selecting the dress of your dreams. Some fabrics are more on the formal side while others are casual. Here are some questions all brides must consider. What are the different choices? Which one is right for you? How do you decide? Let us help you break it down. 

Let's start with Satin.  
Satin is one of the most popular fabrics to use for a formal wedding gown. Satin has an incredible sheen which gives it a very luxurious look. Silk duchess satin is one of my personal favorites because of its exquisite look and feel. The body of the dress below is made of a 100% silk duchess satin!

Taffeta is also a common choice for a formal wedding gown. It has the same look as satin but is significantly lighter. Taffeta also has a crispness to it which makes it ideal for more structured designs.


Our next fabric is Charmeuse. Charmeuse is basically a lightweight version of satin. It feels very smooth to the touch and very flowy. It is great for a form fitting dress (because of how well it hugs the body) but can also be used for a fuller skirt!

Fun fact about our dresses! Every dress we create is lined with charmeuse. It is  very soft and breathable which makes it ideal for the lining. Plus it feels so good against your skin!!

Bride - Elizabeth


Chiffon is very soft to the touch and has great movement! Because of its airiness it's ideal for a romantic and whimsical look. So if you are wanting a flowy effortless look, then chiffon is the fabric for you!!

We love this shot of one of our brides, Jordan, seeing her groom for the first time! Look at how the fabric just flows so beautifully with the wind!!

Bride - Jordan 


Organza is a sheer crisp fabric used to create unique shapes and body. It is very lightweight making it ideal for gowns with a lot of drama. *****So if your dream dress involves lots of volume and texture, but you don't want it to way a million pounds, organza is the fabric for you!!*****

Bride - Julie


Lace is extremely versatile and has endless style options. Whether you want a soft and classic look, or a bold and beaded look, lace can work for you! We have 100's of options on display in our studio for our brides to look through to find the right one for them!

Bride - Calleigh


Tulle is a light and carefree fabric! The traditional poly tulle is great for creating that full princess ballgown skirt, while a silk or cotton tulle is used very differently. Silk and cotton tulle has a soft handle and drapes effortlessly! 

Gianna skirt (see image below) was made using the traditional poly tulle.

Bride - Gianna

Olivia's skirt (see image below) is made of cotton tulle which gives it more a a draped and flowy look!

Bride - Olivia

These 7 fabric options are some of the most common but are by no means the only options! So if you still aren't sure what fabric is right for you, we would love to sit down with you personally and figure it out together! To book your free consultation feel to email us at or give us a call at 918-200-9452! We are happy to help in anyway we can!!