"Without foundations, there can be no fashion" - Christian Dior

Christian Dior's famous quote "Without foundations, there can be no fashion" speaks to the importance of fit when it comes to fashion. A garment can be the most gorgeous design and the highest quality fabrics, but if the fit isn't right, the whole look falls apart!

This is especially important when talking about a wedding dress! The last thing you want to worry about on the big day is your dress shifting, holding up on the bodice or tripping over the hem. The only way to ensure a perfect fit is to make the dress special for the bride! This is why we start from scratch with every dress and construct it to the bride's exact measurements and unique shape.

Each dress requires 4-6 fittings to complete. 3 of those fitting's sole purpose is to perfect the fit. We start by drafting a custom pattern to the bride's measurements and unique design. We then fit a "rough draft" version of the dress on the bride to make sure the waist, neckline and seams are all in the right place. After that we take the rough draft and cut the real fabrics and begin piecing it together seam by seam. Once we have it all together we have the bride back to try on the real dress and to make any further necessary tweaks. Now that everything is fitting impeccably, we can start adding the lace and embellishments!

So dream big! We'll make sure the foundation is perfect and create a truly one-of-a-kind dress just for you!

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