My Story

Hello there! My name is Sonni Jackson and I am the proud owner of Bridal Couture by Sonni. The business is going on 4 years strong and I realized I have never shared the story about how everything started! So here's my story...

My story started like most bride's, with a spectacular proposal! Kris, the hubby, took me skydiving and once we both landed safely on the ground, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes!!!! Or blubbered it really... 

That next day I was so excited to starting planning our big day and immediately started the search for my dream dress! I wanted a gown that was classic, timeless, and was made of beautiful fabrics! We started going store to store locally and then branched out to OKC, Dallas, Houston, and even Arkansas. What was suppose to be fun and exciting, quickly turned into exhausting disappointment. I knew exactly what I wanted but what I wanted wasn't out there...

After sharing this with my Fiancé (now hubby), he asked a question that seemed so obvious! He asked me why I wasn't making it myself??? You see, I studied Fashion Design and Couture Construction at the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, CA. I had the skill set needed to create my dream gown myself, but with our wedding day only 3 months away, I was nervous to do it myself! My choices were, settle for a dress that was "OK", or overcome my nerves and make it myself. I'm so glad I chose the 2nd option because out of my experience Bridal Couture by Sonni was born! 

I'm so fortunate to not have had to compromise on my dream dream dress and I hope that through my business, other brides won't have to either!

Whether you're looking for a simple classic look, or wanting something a little crazy and out of the box, I would love to design your gown!!!

Below are some photos of me in my dream gown. I hope you enjoy!!

Sincerely, Sonni Jackson

Photography - Christie Gare Photography 

Venue - Post Oak Lodge & Retreat