Why a Custom Dress?

One of the first things we are often asked is "Why buy a custom dress" While the answers are many and vary greatly for each bride, we thought it would be worth sharing a few of the most common reasons.


Reason #1 "The no one has what I want bride"

Many brides know exactly what they want and have searched every store for "the perfect dress" but inevitably they either leave frustrated or settle for "close enough". Because we start from scratch with every dress, our brides don't have to settle! 

Reason #2 "The none of the dresses fit bride"

Lets be honest. The dresses off the rack are made for a "standard size" person and I have yet to ever meet one of those off the runway. This leads most brides to spend almost as much as the dress itself on alterations. We custom build every dress pattern to the bride's exact measurements to ensure an impeccable fit from the beginning!

Reason #3 "The I want something unique bride"

Some brides just don't want to wear #24,324 out of a lot of 100,000 identical dresses. We get that, which is why we make every bride's dress exclusively for them. So dream big!! We love creating unique, one-of-a-kind dresses that are as special as the bride that wears them!